BS in Computer Science


CodeCourse Title Credit Hours
CS120 Applied Physics3+1
HS102 English3+0
CS119 Aligarh Movement/ Pakistan Studies2+0
CS113 Introduction to Economics2+0
CS115 Mathematics (Calculus& Analytical Geometry)3+0
CS116 Programming Fundamentals3+1


Code Course Title Credit Hours
HS101 or HS104 Islamic Studies or Ethical Behavior2+0
CS201 Logic Design & Switching Theory2+1
CS205 Discrete Mathematics3+0
CS209 Object Oriented Programming3+1
CS212 Data Structures & Algorithms3+1
HS204 Organizational Behavior2+0


Code Course Title Credit Hours
CS310 Complier Construction3+1
CS319 Numerical Analysis2+0
CS328 Data Communication & Networks3+1
CS329 Database Systems3+1
CS330 Microprocessor & Assembly Lang.2+1


Code Course Title Credit Hours
CS401 Technical Report Writing & Presentation Skills2+0
CS425 Design and Analysis of Algorithms3+0
CSXXX Elective-I3+0
CSXXX Elective-II3+0
CS499 Project0+3


Code Course Title Credit Hours
CS206 Introduction to Financial Accounting2+0
HS201 Comminication Skills3+0
CS125 Computer Programming & Problem Solving3+1
CS117 Mathematics (Differential Equation & Linear Algebra)3+0
CS118 Web Engineering2+1
CS122 Basic Electronics2+1


Code Course Title Credit Hours
cs214 Theory of Automata & Fomal Languages3+0
CS219 Probability & Statistics3+0
CS222 Introduction to Operating Systems3+1
CS225 Computer Architecture & Organization3+0
CS323 Computer Graphics & Multimedia2+1


Code Course Title Credit Hours
cs316 Artificial Intelligence3+1
CS320 Software Engineering3+1
CS321 Cryptograpy & Network Security3+1
CS322 Operation Reseach3+0
CS331 Mobile Application & Development2+1
CS335 Game Development2+1


Code Course Title Credit Hours
CS414Data Warehousing & Data Mining3+0
CS427 Simulation & Modeling3+0
CSXXX Elective-III3+0
CSXXX Elective-IV3+0
CS499 Project0+3

Elective Courses

Code Course Title Credit Hours