Chancellor Message

Jawaid Anwar, Chancellor – SSUET

As we all are cognizant, this year, Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology has planned to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan a true visionary Muslim scholar, thinker, great social reformer, educationist and eager proponent of scientific approach in life. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan led the Muslim community of India at the time of crisis and revived among its people the passionate will to live. He created awareness among the fellow beings of not only ground realities of the time but also make them understand undeniable importance of scientific education in the emerging modern era. He believed that Muslims of India had no other choice but to opt new pattern of scientific education for their reverential and meaningful survival. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was the first Muslim to focus on the concept of national identity and all its prerequisites. History of South Asia acknowledges Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in so many words for his daring intellectual and pragmatic response to the challenges faced by the Muslim community at that time.

Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology follows the philosophy of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan the great educationist and social reformer. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan firmly believed in enlightenment of Muslims as a community through education for co-existence irrespective of communities being of other sects, caste or creed. Following the philosophy of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Sir Syed University intends to continue to spearhead education to increase outreach far and wide.

Ceased with the volatile nature of society and emerging new dynamics in our social and cultural environment, it is imperative to assign priority to education and up-bringing and brought up of our young generation. With this idea Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology sponsored by the AMUOBA strictly pursues Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s philosophy to spread education far and wide. Over the passage of time Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology has transformed into a progressive institution responsive to advancement in science, engineering and technology with proper grooming of youth alongside with education. The University is forward looking where now a new dimension is being added with introduction of business education. The purpose of pursuing Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s philosophy of education and social reform is to gainfully and productively utilize the energies of our youth to curb and avoid risk route that could be detrimental to society as a whole and our civilization in general, to healthy activities. Good education and grooming go together and are very important as our youth are our present, and our future. Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology has established a Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Youth Centre towards this end, to motivate the youth towards development of moral values, ethics, and communication skills. Parents and families of youth have been taken in the loop and brought on board to attain lasting results.

The proposals, programmes and projects of developments in Pakistan such as CPEC & other mega projects can only be successful if these efforts deliver visible results or improvement and are financially viable and economical through implementation of a business plan. So business education has assumed high importance in this age.

Business education is one of the key factors which helps to achieve country’s economic growth.

Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology would start imparting business education leading to BBA, MBA & PhD.

The 4 years BBA degree ensures the graduates higher probability of employment.

The MBA programme aims at developing a student’s intellectual ability, executive personality and managerial skills through an appropriate blending of business and general education. MBA curriculum provides students with a comprehensive management education of globally recognized best practices with in-built flexibility for adaptation to various local and international entrepreneurial skills. Objective of programme is develop unique leadership qualities.

I welcome the Batch of 2018 in the university and expect them to fully use the facilities available to gain knowledge and utilize it to maximum in all their future endeavours. I hope that the students will enjoy their stay at the University.

Jawaid Anwar