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Parameters for Award of Scholarships/Financial Assistance

No Categories Parent’s Income Per Annum Minimum G.P.A of the last semester Attendance of the last semester Scholarship amount to be awarded per semester Remarks
1 Position Holders Exempt 1st Position & 2nd Position - Rs.24,000/= Automatic Without Application
2 Merit Scholarships Exempt 3.50 90% Rs.20,000/= Automatic Without Application
3 Regular Scholarships (Renewal Cases) Exempt 3.00 80% Rs.18,000/= Automatic Without Application
4 Regular Scholarships (New Cases) Rs.300,000/= 3.00 80% Rs.18,000/= On Application
5 Two Brother/Sisters Exempt 2.75 80% Rs.18,000/= On Application
6 Financial Assistance For Needy Students Rs.200,000/= 2.75 80% Rs.18,000/= On Application
Only those students will be eligible for Scholarship who get the required G.P.A in Semester Examination.
  Students clearing in Supplementary/Re-sit Examination will not be eligible for scholarship for that particular semester.
Scholarship Committee
Engr.Syed Sarfraz Ali