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Entry to SSUET Campus is being automated. As such vehicle and pedestrian entry will be only through Newly issued Smart Radio Frequency ID (RFID) cards. To familiarize all the Faculty, Staff and Students as well the Security Staff (managing) with functioning and requisites of the system, details are outlined hereunder:
Pedestrian Entry Through Turnstile Gates (TGs):
A total of 06 TGs are being installed; 04 along the SSUET Western Boundary Wall and 02 at the University Main Entrance from Sardar Ali Sabri Road
  1. What is a Turnstile Gate?
It is a Rotating Steel Bars Gate that allows:
  • Access by Proximity Smart Card (RFID)
  • One Individual at a Time.
  • Records Date and Time of Each Entry & Exit.
  • Maintenance of Entry and Exit Record of every individual.
  • Generation of Attendance Reports.

Note-1: Carrying RFID for entry to campus is a must.
  1. Misplaced / Lost RFID – Immediate Reporting
  • Individual who loses or misplaces RFID is to report the same through an SMS (RFID Lost) to SSUET SMS Dedicated Cell Phone Number (CPN). This CPN will be notified through SSUET Web & Facebook Acct.
  • SMS will be received from and acknowledged on an Individual’s registered CPN only.
  • New RFID process will be initiated against the RFID Lost SMS.
  • Each New RFID will cost Rs 500/-
  • Against the acknowledged SMS same day Entry will be allowed through a Temporary (Ty) RFID which will become inactive after one Entry & Exit.
  • Ty RFID will be issued at Entry and Returned at Exit.
  • Ty RFID will have a separate color with a marked system data entry record.

  1. Individual Data Need: For meaningful use of the facility personal data of all the employees and students is required to be updated:

  • Fresh pictures will be taken at FF02 by SSUET Photographer.
  • At the time of picture taking, data held with the Uni will be verified. AS such all are requested to please bring their Original ID Card and provide in use/active CPN (for SMS messages).
  • Picture Taking will commence on May 28, 2018 from 08:00 AM to 01: 00 PM.
  1. Picturing will Start first for SSUET Staff/ Faculty followed by Students by Blocks cum Departments. The program is as follows: >
  • G Block (Finance, Examination, EE & English & Physics Depts): ( May 28, 2018)
  • F Block (Audit, Protocol, Procurement, P&D, QEC, Guidance Center Electrical & TE Depts) (May 29, 2018)
  • E & D Blocks (Civil and Architecture, BM, BI & Medical Depts) (May 30, 2018)
  • A, B & C Blocks (PGP, MBA, BBA, Lib, Maths, Islamic & Pak Studies, Admin, DSA & Security Depts) (May 30, 31 2018)
  • All listed staff / employees of Bank, Canteens and Photocopy shops (June 25, 2018)
  • Faculty and Staff on leave June 26-28, 2018

  1. Location of Turnstile Gates – Allocation: Details are as under:

AIT Parking SSUET wall will have 04 TGs for usage as Follows:
Gate # 1 & 2 For Regular Boy Students.
Gate # 3 For Girl Students. (Can also be used by Female Faculty & Staff).
Gate # 4 For Faculty & Staff only.
Sardar Ali Sabri Road UMG will have 02 TGs to be used by Faculty, Staff and Regular Female Students. Visitors & Ex Students will also be allowed through TGs by issue of Visitors Cards from the help Desk Dedicated Window
Vehicle Entry by RFID
  1. For Executives car parking front of A & B Block Entry will be from UMG and entry to car park will be controlled by Barriers One each for Entry and Exit RFID operated.
  2. For Senior Staff Faculty Cordoned of Parking at Sports Ground entry from UMG through Sheds area will be controlled by one RFID operated Barrier.
  3. Car/Motor Cycle Parking for Junior Faculty, Staff and Students will be in Parking Areas Reserved outside the Campus.

  1. Unregistered Vehicle, Lost Vehicle RFIDS Visitors shall be facilitated entry through a dedicated window at the Help Desk – UMG.
  2. Employees travelling with cars authorized for parking inside the campus as passengers will get dropped outside the campus for entry through their respective RFID cards to record their Entry & Exit through the TGs.
  3. Videos showing Vehicle Barriers and TGs operating will be uploaded shortly.