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Capturing CPEC Opportunities –


Strategic Project Management for High Performing Organizational Culture to Drive Business Growth

  Initiatives are planned by Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET) and Integrated Corporate Management Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.. (ICMS) in a joint venture to engage Governments, Businesses and Industries and prepare them for capturing CPEC-Opportunities. The venture will extend the following support services:
  1. Evaluation and Identification of Gaps in Existing Organizational Structure
  2. Development of Solutions for Making-up the Gaps
  3. Support Consulting for Development of High Performing Organizational Culture
  4. Talent Management and Training for Competence Enhancement

Management of Interactions

  1. Online through Digital Media Channels
  2. Print Media – Advertisements and News Papers Supplements
  3. Series of Seminars
  4. Direct Contacts with Organizations


a. Engage Governments, Businesses & Industries to highlight the possible gaps in organizational systems, alignment of vision/mission with strategic advancements, enhancement of competence and building capacity for capturing opportunities in CPEC economic flow and activities.
b. Identify Solutions and implementation to make-up Gaps


a) Projection and promotion of Support Consulting and Training Services offered by the venture to make-up the gaps in organizational structure, technological competence and organizational systems in different business & industry in Karachi & Pakistan.
b) The team of experts from international market may also be made available where need arises to compliment the competence of local professionals for providing supports in the following areas:
  1. Building Organizational and Technological Competence
  2. Development of Organizational Culture for High Performance
  3. Defining Strategic Advancements & Alignment of Endeavors
  4. Development of Management Systems for High Performance
  5. Research-based Advancements for specific industry needs
  6. Talent Management & Training
Creating a flow of skilled resource for the market