Mr. Shiraz Afzal


Mr. Shiraz Afzal





Short Bio

M.S. Electronic Engineering (NED)
B.S. Electronic Engineering (SSUET)


Other Info

Electronic Engineering

10.5 years

  • “Review of ASITIC (Analysis and simulation of inductor and transformer for integrated circuits) tool to design inductor on chip”, international journal of computer science volume 9, issue 4, No. 2, July 2012 Pg 196-201.
  • “A Proposed OEIC Circuit with Two Metal Layer Silicon Waveguide and Low Power Photonic Receiver Circuit”, International journal of computer science issue Volume 9 Issue 5 No.1 September 2012. Pg 355-358.
  • “Towards Identification and Recognition of Trace Associations in Software Requirements Traceability”, International journal of computer science issue Volume 9 issue 5 No.1 September 2012. Pg 257-263.
  • “A proposed Silicon Optical Electronic Integrated circuit with monolithic Integration of LED, OPFET and receiver circuit” is in IOSR journal, volume 6, issue 2, Sept 2012, Pg 42-46.
  • “Mobile Agent: An intelligent multi-agent system for mobile phones”, IOSR-JCE journal, volume 6 issue 2, oct 2012, Pg 26-34.
  • “Application of VLSI in artificial intelligence”, IOSR-JCE journal, volume 6, issue 2, October 2012, Pg 23-25.
  • “An efficient 16-bit multiplier based on booth algorithm” IJOART journal, volume 1, issue 6, November 2012.
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  • “Single chip embedded system solution: Efficient resource utilization by interfacing LCD through Softcore processor in Xilinx FPGA” IJIEEB journal Volume 7, No. 6, November 2015