Water Pollution: Water chemistry and characteristics, Introduction to sources of pollution, Effects on water quality, Control parameters.

Water Demand and Supply: Population Forecast; Water uses & consumption; Types and variations in demand; Maximum demand & fire demand.

Water Quality: Water impurities & their health significance; Water quality guidelines / standards (U.S. & WHO, etc); water quality monitoring.

Water Sampling and Testing: Sampling techniques and examination of water (physical, chemical and microbiological parameters), Water borne diseases.

Water Treatment: Treatment of surface & ground water, screening, sedimentation, coagulation, Filtration, design aspects of slow sand and rapid sand filters; and their operations, Pressure filters

Miscellaneous Water Treatment Techniques: Fluoridation, Iron & Manganese removal; Water softening methods; Water disinfection and chemicals; Chlorination; Emergency treatment methods.

Water Distribution: Layout and design of water transmission works and distribution networks, service reservoirs, Fixtures and their installation; Tapping of water mains, Urban and Rural Water Supply. Collection of Storm and Wastewater, Design of wastewater collection and conveyance system. Household sanitary and piping system and appurtenances.

Course Syllabus