Highway Engineering: Development of various modes of transport in Pakistan.The Role of Highway within a Transport System, Highway Classification, Highway Planning and Economic appraisal.

Geometric Design: Design controls and criteria; Sight distance requirement; Horizontal curves; Super elevation; Transition curve; Curve widening; Grade line; Vertical curves. Intersection and rotaries.

Pavement Design: Typical cross-section of road pavement. Types of pavements. Wheel loads. Equivalent single axle load, Repetition and impact factors. Load distribution characteristics. Structural design of flexible and rigid pavements.

Highway Construction and Maintenance: Stabilized construction;Pavement materials; Highway drainage; Pavement failures. Existing pavement evaluation by nondestructive testing. Roadside development and arboriculture.

Traffic Engineering: Various traffic controlling devices. Parking characteristics and parking control. Road safety. Accident study. Road signs. Traffic signals. Highway lighting. Segregation of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Large city traffic problems and their solution-case studies.

Traffic Flow Characteristics and Survey Methods: Origin and destination studies; Speed, Volume, Travel Time and delay studies.

Introduction to relevant computer software.

Course Syllabus