Technical and Business Writing


Overview of technical reporting, use of library and information gathering, administering questionnaires, reviewing the gathered information; Technical exposition; topical arrangement, exemplification, definition, classification and division, casual analysis, effective exposition, technical narration, description and argumentation, persuasive strategy, Organizing information and generation solution: brainstorming, organizing material, construction of the formal outline, outlining conventions, electronic communication, generation solutions. Polishing style: paragraphs, listening sentence structure, clarity, length and order, pomposity, empty words, pompous vocabulary, document design: document structure, preamble, summaries, abstracts, table of contents, footnotes, glossaries, cross-referencing, plagiarism, citation and bibliography, glossaries, index, appendices, typesetting systems, creating the professional report; elements, mechanical elements and graphical elements. Reports: Proposals, progress reports, Leaflets, brochures, handbooks, magazines articles, research papers, feasibility reports, project reports, technical research reports, manuals and documentation, thesis. Electronic documents, Linear verses hierarchical structure documents.

Course Syllabus