Theodolite Surveying: Traversing and Traverse Tables, Closing error and its adjustment, Heights and distances, Permanent adjustment of theodolites.

Tacheometrical Surveying: Principle, field-procedures and types of tacheometers, Use of tacheometry for traversing and contouring, Computations, Tacheometric tables, diagrams.

Trigonometrical Surveying: Triangulation, measurement of Base Line and Correction, Selection of Station Signals, Satellite stations, Computation of sides and corrections.

Advanced Leveling: Precise, Trigonometrical and Barometrical leveling.

Setting out Works: Buildings, Bridges, Tunnels, Dams and earthen slopes, Mine Surveying. Theory and Practice of setting out horizontal, vertical and transition curves on roads and railways.

Hydrographic Surveying: Nautical Sextant, Soundings, methods of observation and computation. Submarine contours.

Photographic Surveying: Principles of photogrammetry, Aerial and Terrestrial Photographic Survey, Stereoscope.

Course Syllabus