Review of Bending Theory of Prismatic members, Introduction to Structural types, idealisation of structure and its load paths. Structural Stability; Static determinacy of structures, Degree of indeterminacy of rigid frames, trusses and beams. Method of joints, method of sections, Method of Tension Coefficients, Statically determinate and indeterminate Space trusses.

Deflection and Rotation Evaluations; Principles of Energy Methods, Castigliano’s Theorem, Unit load method with graphical applications to Beams and Frames, Moment Area and Conjugate beam methods.

Analysis of Arches and Suspension cables; 2 &3 hinged circular and parabolic arches, Suspension cables.

Flexibility Approach; Method of Consistent Deformations. Fixed End Moments; using method of consistent deformation and conjugate beam method.

Introduction to Excel Spread sheets for applications to specific topics in the syllabus.

Three moment equation, Stresses in structure due to misfits, temper1ature changes and support yielding. Statically determinate and indeterminate space trusses.

Analysis of arches, two and three hinged arches, parabolic and circular arches, Temperature effects, Graphical method of analysis, Analysis of suspension cables. Stiffening girders, Temperature effects, Anchorage consideration, Stability Analysis of gravity retaining walls and dams.

Course Syllabus