Software Engineering


Overview of SE, Practice & Myths; the Software Processes, Generic Process Models: Framework Activity, Task Set, Process Patterns, Process Improvement, CMM. Prescriptive Process Models: Waterfall Model, Incremental Process Model, Evolutionary Process Model. Specialized Process Models: Component Based Development; the Formal Methods Models, Agile Development. Business Information Systems: Components; Types; and Evaluating methods. SDLC: Phases; System Planning; Preliminary Investigation, SWOT Analysis; the Importance of Strategic Planning; Evaluation of Systems Requests; Requirements Engineering. Difference between Structured Analysis and Object Oriented Analysis; Difference between FDD Diagrams & UML, the Design Process; Architecture Design Elements, Interface Design Elements, Component-Level Design Elements, Deployments Design Elements; System Architecture, Architectural Styles; User Interface Design; WebApps Interface Design; Software Quality Assurance. Validation Testing, System Testing. Internal and External View of Testing. Project Management. Risk Management; Maintenance and Reengineering.

Course Syllabus