Classification of signals (Basic operations on signals, Singularity function Signals, Orthogonal Signals, Complex exponential and sinusoidal signals, Signal energy and power) Types of system, System Characteristics, impulse response of continuous time signal and systems, convolution integral, Auto & Cross correlation. Frequency domain analysis(Fourier Series & Fourier Transform)its properties and application Fourier Transform its properties and application Spectra of signal, Energy density Spectrum, Power density Spectrum, System frequency response, Magnitude and phase frequency Response. Complex frequency analysis of CT system using Laplace Transform, Complex frequency and S-domain, transfer function, Pole-Zero Plot, effect of pole-zero on system response Discrete Time Signals & System and Z-Transform Discrete-Time (DT signals, sequences, sequence operations, Types of System, Convolution, Impulse Response, Difference Equation and Model, Z-Transform, Region of Convergence(ROC) of ZT, MATLAB should be extensively used throughout the semester.

Course Syllabus