Introduction to protection system, types of faults, effect of faults, fuse as protective device, types of fuses, characteristics of fuses, selection and application of fuses, discrimination and coordination, current transformer and its operation, relay construction, basic relay terminology, electromagnetic relays, thermal relays, static relays and introduction to microprocessor based protective relays, over current protection, distance protection, impedance relay, R-X 47 diagram of impedance relay, operation of impedance relay in different zones, reactance relay, differential protection of transformers, generator protection, bus bar protection, arc voltage, arc interruption, re-striking voltage and recovery voltage, resistance switching, current chopping circuit breaker, classification of circuit breakers, oil circuit breakers, airblast circuit breakers, air break circuit breakers, SFB6B circuit breakers, vacuum circuit breakers, operational mechanism and rating of circuit breakers.

Course Syllabus