The Admittance Model and Network Calculations: Branch and Node admittance; Mutually coupled Branches in Y-bus; Equivalent Admittance Network; Modification of Y-bus; Impedance matrix and Y-bus; the method of successive elimination; Node Elimination (Kron Reduction); Triangular Factorization.The Impedance Model and Network Calculations: The bus, admittance and impedance Matrices; Thevenin’s Theorem and Z-bus; Modification of an existing Z-bus; Direct determination of   Z-bus;Calculation of Z-bus elements from Y bus; Power Invariant Transformations; Mutually coupled branches in Z bus. Symmetrical Faults: Transients in RL circuits; internal voltages of loaded machines. Under fault conditions; fault calculations using Z bus; Equivalent circuits; Selection of circuit breakers.

Course Syllabus