Fresh Concrete: Work ability, slump and other tests, Mixing of concrete, Analysis of fresh concrete, Lightweight concrete.

Elasticity, Shrinkage and Creep: Modules of Elasticity, Poisson’s Ratio, Volume, change, swelling and Shrinkage, creep of concrete.

Testing of Concrete: Various types of compression tests, cube test, cylinder test, splitting test, flexure test, ultrasonic pulse test.

Mix Design: Basic considerations, quality control. Concrete constituent materials, Mix proportions, Water-cement ratio, concrete mix design, Stress-strain curves. Compressive, tensile and shearing strength of concrete, concrete strength under combined stresses, shrinkage and creep of Concrete, Reinforcing Steel, Types of Reinforcement, Stress-strain curves, Basic assumptions in reinforced concrete design, Design code, Design loads, safety factors, Load factors.

Working Stress and ultimate strength design of one-way and two-way slabs, and beams, Tee and Ell beams, continuous slabs and beams, Design for diagonal tension and bond in beams.

Course Syllabus