Concept of object oriented programming, characteristics of OOP, polymorphism, encapsulation, data hiding. Java introduction, byte Code, JVM, java architectural neutral language, the creation of simple java program, compiling and execution of a program. dynamic initializing, scope and lifetime of variables, type conversion and casting, the type promotion rules, arrays, one dimensional array, multidimensional array, string data type. Operators, arithmetic operators, Bit wise operators, relational operator. Boolean logical operators. Introducing classes, general form of the class, declaring objects, object reference, control access specified public, private, static data member and methods. Creating packages, constructors, function overloading, constructor overloading, method, this reference, finalize, static class member super class, sub class, protected members, inheritance, polymorphism, dynamic, method binding, and inner class definitions, concatenating strings, string constructors, string comparing, string methods, string concatenating, string classes, string methods, Friend function, virtual functions, inline functions, Abstract classes, Interfaces. Defining a package, access protection, importing packages, interfaces, exception handling fundamentals, exception types, using Try and Catch, Java built-in exceptions, class libraries, object oriented software development and course revision.

Course Syllabus