Internal architecture of Microprocessor, addressing modes, program and stack, memory addressing modes, athematic logic, logical and program control instructions. 8086/8088 hardware specifications, minimum and maximum modes, clock generator, pins out and pins functions, bus buffering and bus latching, bus timing, ready and wait state. I/O decoding and interfacing, PPI, memory decoding and interfacing and MBI. Basic DMA operation, programmable interval timer, 8051 microcontroller-microcontroller and embedded processor, micro controller v/s general microprocessor. Overview of general microprocessor, 8051 memory organization, instruction set and assembly language programming of the 8051. Role of stack, time delay calculation. The 8051 addressing modes. Athematic-logic instructions and programming. 8051 Timers and counters, serial interface and interrupt programming. Analog to Digital convertors, parameters of ADC. Interface requirement, Digital to Analog converters: R-2R ladder techniques, parameter of DAC, interface requirement.

Course Syllabus