Introductory Digital Concepts, Digital and Analog quantities, Binary Digits, Logic Levels and digital waveforms, Digital logic operations, Basic logic functions, Digital system applications, Digital ICs, Classification of ICs, Integrated Technologies, Number Systems and Conversions, Logic Gates, Basic Logic Gates, Universal Logic Gates, The XOR, The Universal property of NAND & NOR Gates, Boolean Laws and Rules, Standard forms of Boolean expressions, Simplification of expressions using Boolean algebra, De Morgan’s Theorems, Simplification of Boolean expressions using De Morgan’s Theorems, SOP expressions, POS expressions, Converting SOP to POS and vice versa, The Karnaugh’s Map, 2-4 variable Karnaugh’s Map, Basic Adder circuits, Comparators, Encoders, Decoders, Multiplexers, De-Multiplexers, Flip-Flops and related devices, Latches and its types, Flip-Flops operating characteristics, Shift Registers, Basic Shift Registers functions, Serial-in/Serial-out Shift Registers, Serial-in/Parallel-out Shift Registers. Parallel-in/Serial-out Shift Registers.

Course Syllabus