FPS and SI Units: Properties of fluids, Density, Specific Weight, Compressibility, Viscosity, Surface tension, Vapour pressure.

Pressure: Absolute and gauge pressures, Measurement of pressure, Manometers, Total pressure on plane areas, Centre of pressure, Buoyancy.

Fluid Flows: Equation of continuity, flow net, Velocity and acceleration, Energy equation. Cavitation, Hydraulic and Energy gradients, Vortex flow.

Basic hydrodynamics: Circulation and vorticity, Basic flow fields, Stream function and velocity potential.

Impulse-momentum: Forces on reducers and bends, Stationary and moving vanes, Torques in rotating machines. Applications.

Similitude and Dimensional Analysis: Geometric and other similarities; Dimensionless numbers, Models. Fluid measurements: Pressure, Velocity, Orifices, Venturimeter, Weirs.

Course Syllabus