Introduction to control systems, Open loop and closed loop systems, Transfer function, Block diagrams and simplification rules. Signal flow graphs and Mason’s gain formula, Modeling of electrical, mechanical, and electromechanical systems. State variable models, Simulation diagrams and solution of state equations, State space to transfer function conversion. Time response of first order systems, Transient and Steady-state response, Response of second order systems, Critical over-damped and under-damped response, Stability analysis of systems, Root locus principles and techniques, Proportional, Differential, and Integral controllers. Frequency response, Bode Plots, Asymptotic Approximations, Gain Margin and Phase Margin via the Bode Plots. Discrete-time systems and mathematical modeling, solution of difference equations, Sampler and zero order hold, Starred transform, Relationship between z-transform and starred transform The pulse transfer function, open loop discrete time systems containing digital filters, Concept of closed loop systems, Derivation procedure, Mapping of s-plane into z-plane, Jury stability test.

Course Syllabus