Review of Vector analysis, Vector Calculus, Orthogonal Coordinates Systems, Columbus law, electric field intensity of point charge, continuous volume Charge distribution, line charge and sheet charge, electric flux and flux density, Gauss’s law, divergence theorem, potential field, potential gradient, Electronic dipole, energy density, Conductors, Dielectrics and Capacitance: Metallic conductors and insulators, Current density, boundary conditions, Dielectric materials, Capacitance, Electrostatic energy, Poisson’s and Laplace’s equations, steady magnetic field, BioSavart law, Ampere’s circuital law and its applications, Curl, Strokes Theorem, magnetic flux and flux density, time varying fields, Faraday’s law, displacement current, Magnetic flux Density, Magnetic materials, Magnetic boundary conditions, Magnetic potential, Solenoid and Toroid, Inductance, Magnetic Field Energy, Maxwell’s equations in point and integral form.

Course Syllabus