Discretization in time & amplitude, linear quantizer, quantization noise power calculation, signal to quantization noise ratio, non-uniform quantize, A law and Mu law commanding, PCM, DPCM, Delta modulation, adaptive delta modulation, digital bassband transmission, line coding, NRZ and types, signaling format for unipolar, bipolar, AMI, Manchester coding and power spectrum, HDP, B8ZS signaling, ISI, nyquist criteria of Zero ISI and raised cosine spectrum. Mesh filter receiver, derivation of impulse response, digital modulation techniques, method of detection and generation of coherent and non-coherent binary ASK, FSK and PSK. DPSK, QAM, M-ARY, FSK, MSK. Probability of error and comparison of various digital modulation techniques. BPSK, DFSK, QPSK. Calculation of error probability, BPSK, QPSK, FSK. Digital multiplexing. Fundamental of TDM, FDM, T-1 Systems and Hierarchy, E-1 Systems Hierarchy, Digital Modulation Techniques, Amplitude Shift Keying (ASK), Frequency Shift Keying (FSK), and Phase Shift Keying (PSK, DPSK, DEPSK, QPSK), Differential Encoding and M-Ary Signaling, Performance of Binary and M-Ary Signaling, Performance comparisons of modulation schemes, information theory and coding.

Course Syllabus