Database Administration & Management


Installation of DBMS; SQL* Plus; DBA Tools. DBMS Physical Structure & Architectural Components: Server, Instance, SGA, Shared Pool, Library Cache, Data Dictionary Cache, Large Pool, Processes. Startup and Shutdown Database. Managing Instances. Managing Files. Creating Database and Data dictionary. Managing Tablespaces. Operations with Tablespaces. Data File Management, Segments, Block. Managing Undo Data, Undo Data Statistics: Managing Tables and Users. Indexes Management, Maintaining Data Integrity, Constraints. Managing Privileges. Server Side Configuration. Client Side Configuration. Usage and Configuration of Oracle Shared Server. Backup and Recovery. Sizing SharedPool, Sizing Buffer Cache, I/O Issues. Tuning Rollback Segments. Tuning Shared Servers, Types of Locks, Block Efficiency, Storage hierarchy, Avoiding Dynamic allocation, Statistics, PCTFREE and PCTUSED, Monitoring Index Usage.

Course Syllabus