Cryptography & Network Security


Encryption techniques: Shift, Substitution, Affine, Vigenere, Hill, Permutation and stream ciphers. Elementary probability theory, entropy, perfect secrecy, unicity distance.Chaining; substitutionpermutation networks, fiestel networks; Linear cryptanalysis of SPN. Security Requirements, collisions; Security uses: passwords, message and data integrity, notaries; MD5, SHA; Message authentication codes; Birthday attack. Primes, GCDs and the Extended Euclidean Algorithm, modular exponentiation and inverse, Eule totient function, Euler’s theorem, introduction to publickey cryptography; Network overview, specific networking protocols, transmission media and networking hardware. Ways to speed up an existing server, stress testing techniques. Threat
of computer crimes techniques to increase security, internet related security issues. Basic element of trouble shooting, hard ware trouble shooting tools, software trouble shooting tools. Diagnosing real world problems, trouble shooting the physical network. trouble shooting WANS, cloud and social network security.

Course Syllabus