Foundation: Area of foundation, Depth of foundation. Eccentric loads, Inverted Arches, Spread footing.

Masonry Construction: Brick, Stone, and concrete block Masonry, Bonds, and joints. Hollow walls, Bricks and stone arches. Reinforced brick masonry, Tall masonry chimneys.

Wood Construction: Wood Framing, Columns, Beams and partitions, Scaffolding.

Steel Construction: Steel framing stanchions, Beams and Trusses. Erection of steel chimneys.

Reinforced Concrete Construction: Framing slabs, beams and columns, reinforcement, form work, curing.

Floor Construction: Various types and methods. Floor finishes. Factory floors, Damp proof courses.

Roof Construction: Pitched and flat roof, Galvanized iron sheet and asbestos cement roofing. Water-proofing of roof.

Doors and Windows: Wooden and Metal doors and windows.

Stairs: Types and construction, fire-proof stairs, plaster, painting and protective coverings, Bearing wall and framed construction of concrete, Steel and timber for workshop and factory building.Planning of workshops, factories and workman’s quarters, fire proof and earthquake proof construction. Thermal Insulation of buildings, heating and ventilation, acoustics of buildings, use of sound proof materials.

Course Syllabus