Introduction & Motivation:

Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) as an interface between hardware and software; ISA: Instruction Formats, Addressing Modes, Translation of High Level Language Program into Machine Language; Classes and Comparative Study of ISAs: Accumulator-based, Stack-based, Register-Memory &Register-Register Architectures; Instruction Encoding Techniques; Measuring and Reporting Computer Performance: Common Pitfalls, Amdahl’s Law; Computer Arithmetic: Integer and Floating-Point; Basic Processor Design: Single-Cycle and Multi-Cycle datapath& control; Hardwired and Micro programmed Control; Memory System Design: Memory Hierarchy, Cache Memory, Virtual Memory; Input/Output: Bus Standards, Arbitration Schemes, Programmed I/O; Interrupt-Driven I/O. Interrupt Processing, Direct Memory Access (DMA); Introduction to Pipelining; Emerging Architectures.

Course Syllabus