Brief History of Computers, Classification, Basic Components, CPU, I/O &Peripheral Devices, Storage Media, Number Systems, Binary numbers, Boolean logic, Data Representation.Overview of Computer Architecture, Computer Architecture,Computer Organization,Computer and computer system,Structures,Functions, Computer Evolution and Organization, Computer Generation from Mechanical age to VLSI,Stored Program concept, Von Neumann Machine Architecture, Moore Law. Computer System, Computer Components, Function of Control unit, System buses, Instruction cycle.Memory System, Characteristic of memory, Memory Hierarchy, Types of memory, Cache memory, Cache Designing, Cache mapping, Types of external memory. System Software, Application Software, Operating Systems, Computer networks and internet. Programming Languages, classification, Algorithms&Flow Charts. Source, Object & exe codes. The Basic Structure of program, Using I/O statements, Variables, Operators, Loops: for, while, do while loop. Decisions: if statement, if-else statement, else-if construct, switch statement, Conditional operator. Functions: Simple Functions, Functions that return a value, Using arguments to pass data to a function, Using more than one functions, External variables, Preprocessor directives. Arrays and strings: Arrays, Referring to individual Elements of the Array, String, String functions, Multidimensional arrays.

Course Syllabus