This is a practical course aimed at enabling students to use engineering drawing concepts using various tools required for software & hardware design. Tools like Visio and Rational Rose are used for software drawing like process diagrams, Class diagram, sequence diagram, interaction diagrams and deployment diagram, Entity-Relationship diagram etc. MatLab and Orcad is used for electrical/computer systems design while AutoCAD like design tools are taught for 3D engineering drawings. Introduction to computer-aided design tools including AutoCAD, OrCAD, MATLAB, Lab VIEW, Rational Rose and Visio, etc. Provide an understanding of computer-aided drafting principles and practices, and provide knowledge of engineering drawing fundamentals using AutoCAD. Drawing of electrical circuits and layouts of electronic assemblies; Study of theoretical concepts of electronic components and circuits using simulation software’s: PSPICE, MATLAB, and LabVIEW.

Course Syllabus