Introduction to Communication Systems, Performance & Design Tradeoffs, Ideal and Practical Filters, Signal Distortion over a Communication Channel, Linear Modulation Schemes & Modulators, PLL Principle and Carrier Acquisition, Super-heterodyne AM Receiver, Angle Modulation Schemes & Modulators, Spectral Analysis of Angle Modulation Schemes, FM Receiver Example, Frequency Division Multiplexing, Baseband Digital Data Transmission, Sampling Theorem and Pulse Code Modulation Schemes, Digital Signal Line Coding Schemes, digital modulation techniques, Base Band Transmission on Band Limited Channels, Nyquist Pulse Shaping Criterions forZero ISI, Equalizers, Linear Mean Square Estimation, Regenerative Repeaters, Time Division Multiplexing & Digital Multiplexing Schemes, Spread Spectrum Modulation Schemes, Code Division Multiple Access, Examples of Analog & Digital Comm. Systems.

Course Syllabus