Introduction, history/evolution of cellular communication, analog and digitalcellular communication, mobile generations, propagation modes, transmission impairments, channelization and its types, Multiple access techniques, Packet radio and protocols, Diversity and combining techniques, Frequency hopping, beam forming, MIMO, cellular concepts, Cluster formation, design parameters, frequency reuse, channel assignment, handover, interference, improvement of coverage and capacity, GSM architecture, interfaces, Channels, Call procedures, 3G UMTS, Handovers, CDMA and its codes, correlation, Orthogonal Functions, Walsh and PN codes, System Architecture, Protocols, interfaces, UTRA/FDD, Signaling spreading and dispreading, Rake receivers, power controls Frequency planning, UMTS and GSM comparison, Overview of broadband and requirements, WiMax: Standards, Architecture, Issues, Coverage, Noise and interference, LTE: Introduction, Architecture, Interfaces, Multi broadcast, Multicast services, deployment considerations, 4G systems: features, architectures and cell planning. Modulation schemes and coding schemes.

Course Syllabus