Engineering Mechanics: Statics: Fundamental concepts, Definitions and Units, Newton’s First Law, Force, Moment and couples, Laws of Equilibrium, Free Body Diagrams, Structures, Frames and Mechanics.

Dynamics: Fundamentals of Dynamics, Rigid Body Dynamics, Newton’s Second Law, Analysis of Motion in Two & Three Dimensional Spaces, Rectilinear & Curvilinear Motions, Work Power & Energy, Conservation of Energy.

Solid Mechanics / Design: Stress, Strain, Elastic & Plastic deformation, Hysteresis, Mechanical Power Transmission (Pulleys, Chains, Fly wheel, Shaft, Coupling etc.) Friction, Bearings.

Thermodynamics: Work, Heat, Open, Closed and Steady flow systems, Thermodynamic Properties and Processes, Absolute & Gauge Pressure, Pressure Temperature and Flow Measurement, Continuity Equation, Bernoulli’s Equation, Two Phase Systems, Ideal Gas, Conservation of Mass & Energy, Simple Heat Engine & Refrigeration Thermodynamic cycles. The practical work will be based on the above course.

Course Syllabus