Atomic Theory and Semiconductor Principles. Bohar’s Model, Electron orbit & energy, Electron energy in solids, energy bonds, conductor, insulator & semiconductor, Covelent bond in semiconductor. Introduction, Ideal Diode, Semiconductor Materials, Energy Levels, Extrinsic Materials – n- Type and p-Type, Semiconductor Diode Resistance Levels, Diode Equivalent Circuit, Semiconductor Diode Notations Diode Testing, Zener Diodes, Avalanche Diodes, Schottkey Diodes, Verector Diodes, Power Diodes, Tunnel Diodes, Photo Diodes, Photo Conductive cell & Light emitting Diodes. Load Line Analysis, Diode Approximations, Series Diode Configurations, Parallel Diode Configurations Diode Clipper & Clamper, Half wave & Full wave rectifier, Bridge rectifier, Capacitor input filter, Zener regulator circuit & Peak to Peak Detector. Transistor Construction, Transistor Operation, Common-Base Configuration Common-Emitter Configuration, Common-Collector Configuration.

Introduction, Operating Point, Fixed-Bias Circuit Emitter-Stabilized Bias Circuit, Voltage-Divider Bias Load Line and operating point, Transistor Saturation, Transistor Biasing, Voltage-Divider Bias (VDB), VDB Analysis, VDB load line and Q point, Two supply Emitter Bias, Emitter Feedback Bias, Collector Feedback Bias. Introduction Construction and Characteristics, Transfer Characteristics, FET Biasing JFET Fixed-Bias Circuit, FET Self-Bias Circuit.

Course Syllabus