Atomic Structure, Coulomb’s Law, Introduction to Conductor, Insulator & Semiconductor, Basic Electronic Components, Electronic and Electrical Devices, Difference between Electrical and Electronics, AC & DC, Voltage, Current and Resistance, Conductance, Electric Power, Energy & Work, Ohm’s Law, Series Circuits, Analyzing Series Circuits, Open, Closed and Short Circuits, Parallel Circuits, Analyzing Parallel Circuits, Related Problems, Effect of Voltage Sources connected in Parallel, Voltage Divider Rule, KVL, Current Divider Rule, KCL, Analyzing Series-Parallel Circuits, Super Position Theorem, Thevenin’s Theorem, Semiconductor, Classification of Matter on the Basis of Semiconductor Theory, Intrinsic Semiconductor, Extrinsic Semiconductor, Doping of Semiconductor, Conduction in Semiconductor, N-Type & P-Type Semiconductors, Forward Biasing, Reverse Biasing, Breakdowns, PN-Junction, The Diode, Biasing a Diode, Voltage-Current Characteristics of a Diode, Special-Purpose Diodes; Zener Diodes, Optical Diodes, Transistor Structure: PNP and NPN Transistor, Basic Transistor Operation, Analyzing Transistors Characteristics and Parameters.

Course Syllabus