PHYSICAL FOUNDATION of electrical circuit conductors, Insulators and Semi-conductors, Electric Current, emf (electromotive force), work, power, Energy. CIRCUIT ANALYSIS Resistive Circuits, Kirchoffs Voltage and Current Laws; Current and Voltage Divider Rule, Balanced Bridge, Mesh Analysis. Elementary knowledge of A.C Circuits with Resistance, Reactance and Capacitance. Apparent Power, Real Power & Power Factor; Voltage and current source conversions A.C. FUNDAMENTAL, A.C waveform; frequency, Time period, Peak, Instantaneous, average and effective values Brief aspects of electrical Energy distribution systems (single phase and 3 phase). Why three phase A.C system is most popular, Star/Delta and Delta/Star Configuration for distribution system.Capacitor Types/Ratings; Dimension and Dielectric Energy stored in an Capacitor Practical uses of Capacitors in Industries. Electro-magnetic Induction, Lenzes and Faraday’s Laws; Energy Stored in and Inductor, utility of Inductor in electronic and electric circuits. Type of Transformers, losses, efficiency and voltage Regulation, Wye/Delta and Delta/Wye Conversion Transformer used in the distribution system. ELEMENTARY KNOWLEDGE About conductor/cable sizes used in electrification of Housing/Commercial / Industrial establishments calculation of load, Max. Demand & Diversities. Metering of energy, Energy Calculation Energy Tariffs in vogue; Power Factor Improvement (Compensation).Earthing, Grounding, rotection from lightening, safety measures.

Course Syllabus