Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence, history, branches and applications. Agent based Systems: Introduction, applications, rationality, environment types, and agent types.

Knowledge and reasoning:

Introduction to Logic, Knowledge Bases and inference Engines.

Prepositional logic:

Syntax and semantics, knowledge base, Resolution.

Predicate logic:

First order logic, syntax and semantics, resolution and unification.

Solving problem by search:

State space, strategies (data driven, goal driven) formulating problems. Uninformed search strategies: Breadth-first search, uniform search, depth first search, iterative depending search.

Informed (Heuristic) Search Strategies:

Heuristic functions, greedy best-first search, A Search, memory bounded search, local search algorithms and optimization problems, hill climbing search, best first search, heuristics search, iterative improvement algorithms. Experts Systems: Overview, rule-base, model-base and case-base systems, hybrid system.

Course Syllabus