A study/ research of architectural culture and heritage in Pakistan and India from Pre- Mughal period to the present day, based on the historical and socio/ economic/ political conditions of Pakistan.

A study/ research on architectural heritage of Pakistan. The Funerary Architecture of Sind (Chaukhandi Tombs, necropolis of Makli) Multan, Lahore and forts of Pakistan; Architectural varieties, regional influences, past/present/future

A detailed study of archeological sites of Taxila, Moin-jo-Daro, Harrappa.

Detailed study of Contemporary Architects of Pakistan. Research and analysis of their work.

Regional & Vernacular Architecture in the backdrop of Pakistani tradition and socio-economic- political scenario.

Karachi as case study; its pre- partition history,post partition planning and its repercussions. Population growth, impact on infrastructure. The social sector, heritage and culture of Karachi.

Course Syllabus