Lateral Earth Pressure: Rankine’s And Coulomb’s Theories. Calculation OfLateral Earth Pressure Of Gravity And Cantilever Retaining Walls.

Slope Stability Analysis: Stability Analysis of Finite and Infinite Slope, Use OfTaylor’s Stability Chart To Analyze Finite Slope, Slice Method And Bishop’s Method.

Shallow Foundation: Types of Foundation, Selection of the foundations,Terzaghi’sMeyerohof’s and Hansen’s bearing capacity equations, bearing capacity calculations for buildings, bridges and water tower sites under static loads. Calculation of bearing capacity from SPT and CPT data. Plate load Test.

Deep Foundations: Determining Of Load Carrying Capacity Of Individual Pile And Pile In Group, Pile, Pier And Caission Geotechnical Foundation Design, Negative Skin Friction. Pile Load Test.

Compressibility And Consolidation Of Soil: Definition Of Compressibility And Its Importance And Theory Of Compressibility, Consolidation Test, E-Log P, Time – Compression Curves And Determination Of Preconsolidation Equation And Its Solution. Settlement Analysis of Shallow Foundation.

Foundation – Soil Dynamics: Different Kind Of Dynamic Force On “Foundation-Soil System” Basic Theory Of Simple Vertical Harmonic Motion Subjected To Vertical Machine Vibratory Forces, Natural Frequency Of Foundation- Soil System Introduction To Foundation Design Soil Densification By Vibrators. Laboratory Work Is Based On Above Course Contents.

Course Syllabus