Physics and computer science relationship, Scalars and Vectors quantities, Vector and Scalar products, Gradient, Divergence and Curl, Wave and Oscillation, Simple Harmonic Motion, Theories of light, Interference, Diffraction, Polarization, Photo Emission, Photo Conduction, Bohr Atomic Theory, Einstein Photon Theory,Photo Electric Effect, Summer Field Theory,Optoelectronics, Laser, Fiber Optics, Electric Charge, Electric Field, Electric Potential, Coulomb’s Law, Gauss’s Law and its application, Biot-Savarat Law, Hall Effect, Faraday Law of electromagnetic Induction, Ampere’s Law, Lenz’s Law, Electrical Conduction in conductors and Semiconductors, N-type and P-type Semi Conductors, Diode and its characteristic curve, LED and its applications, Super Conductivity, Magnetic Materials, Dia, Para and Ferro magnetism, AC and DC Currents and Voltages, RC and LR Circuit with D.C field, L,R,C separate and LRC series circuit with A.C field.

Course Syllabus