Construction Technologies: Advanced techniques in excavation, boring, shoring, bracing and casting of reinforced concrete foundations; techniques of building deep water-proof basements; erection of super structure in reinforced concrete; pre-cast concrete and steel; specialized form work e.g. slip forming; form work for large span roofing.

Construction and material technologies for Special Structures: Cable suspended structures; tensile and membrane structures; space frames; hyperbolic parabolic

Domes; geodesic domes; various shell forms. Arches and portals in R.C.C., steel and laminated timber

Material Technologies: Recycling of conventional construction materials; cement replacement materials; new reinforced concrete e.g. Ferro-cement, fiber reinforced concrete, natural fibers, aggregate replacement; plastics as structural material Strengthening and re-strengthening of Structures: Techniques of strengthening and re-strengthening from conventional to newer techniques; repair of structurally damaged buildings; live problems in building structures such as cracks, dampness, settlement, their causes and remedies.

Course Syllabus