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Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology will offer following degree programmes:

I. BS in Electronic Engineering

II. BS in Computer Engineering

III. BS in Civil Engineering

IV. BS in Telecommunication Engineering

V. BS in Biomedical Engineering

VI. BS in Electrical Engineering

VII. Bachelor in Architecture

Minimum Eligibility 60% in H.Sc.

VIII. BS in Computer Science

IX. BS in Software Engineering

X. BS in Bioinformatics

XI. BS in Information Technology

Minimum Eligibility 55% in H.Sc.


With combination of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics eligible for all Programmes.

With combination of Physics, Mathematics   and Computer Science eligible for Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Software Engineering & Information Technology.

With combination of Physics, Chemistry and Biology eligible for Biomedical Engineering.

With combination of Physics, Mathematics & Chemistry / Biology / Computer Science eligible for Bioinformatics & Architecture.

D.A.E in relevant discipline with 60% - eligible against reserved seats.

Grace Marks will not be considered to determine eligibility.

Acceptance of admission form does not guarantee admission, which is made on the basis of merit and availability of seats.

Keeping in view the “Aligarh Spirit” the admissions are open to all purely on merit basis, irrespective of caste, creed, colour, culture, religion, sex, domicile or nationality.

The candidates will have to indicate their choice of discipline in order of preference on the Application Form. (Form I). (Attached with the Prospectus)

Admission in each discipline will be offered to candidates in order of merit and order of preference of discipline indicated  by the candidates.

Few seats are reserved for diploma holders of relevant technology in all the disciplines.

Students clearing the University Aptitude Test and electing Architecture will have to be assessed through Drawing Test and Interview conducted by the University.

Rejection of Application

The University can reject any application or cancel/withdraw any admission of a student without assigning any reason.


Addition of 20 marks will be allowed to Hafiz-e-Quran on production of a Certificate from Wifaq-ul-Madaris Arabia Pakistan. This addition will be considered for determining merit of the candidate. This will not affect the criteria of marks for accepting of admission form.

An oral test will also be conducted for Hifz-e-Quran.

Employment / Simultaneous Enrolment

The programme leading to B.S. Degree is a regular full time day programme and no student admitted in this University shall be allowed to engage himself in employment or maintain  simultaneous enrolment in any other courses of studies in other Educational Institutions. Violation of above may lead to cancellation of admission.

Submission of Application for Admission

1. Candidates for admission must submit their Applications neatly completed in all respects. The Prospectus and Application Form (Form-I) can be obtained from the prescribed branches of Banks on payment of Rs. 3000/-.

2. The candidates applying for admission must attach attested copies of the following:

a. Matriculation (SSC) Marks Sheet./ O-level Marks Sheet. b. Intermediate (HSC) Marks Sheet/A level Marks Sheet. c. Copy of CNIC of Candidate or parent in case it has not been issued to candidate.

3. Original documents should not be attached.

4. Application Form, and the documents attached with the Application Form shall not be returned.

5. Incomplete Applications shall not be considered.

6. The Application shall be rejected in case the candidate is found guilty of suppression or misrepresentation of material facts. In case at any stage it is found that the documents on the basis of which admission was granted are forged / tampered, the admission will be cancelled and the fee paid shall be forfeited. The University reserves the right for legal action also.

7. Selected candidates for admission will be informed of their selection by post. The names of all selected candidates will also be displayed on the University Notice Board and SSUET website.

Note: * Application form may also be submitted online. For this purpose, please visit the official website of SSUET www.ssuet.edu.pk

Selection of Candidates

The candidates eligible for admission shall be selected for admission on the basis of selection criteria formulated by the Admission Committee. The selection criteria shall be based on written aptitude test, performance in previous examinations, strictly on merit.

Aptitude Test

An Aptitude Test will be conducted equivalent to the standard of Intermediate Science (HSC).

The sample test papers of the previous aptitude tests are available at the Burj Bank University Branch.

Candidiates opted Architecture as 1st, 2nd & 3rd choice are required to appear in Architecture drawing test / Interview.

Admission Criteria

The Admission Committee will process the applications on the basis of merit as determined by the applicant's previous academic record, his/her performance in the Aptitude Test.

Different weightages are assigned to these selection criteria as detailed below:

Matriculation (SSC) Marks 10% Intermediate (HSC) Marks 40% Aptitude Test 50%

For applicants possessing B.Sc. Degree the marks of B.Sc. shall be considered if these are better than marks obtained in Intermediate (HSC).

Mode of Admission

1. Candidates selected for admission are required to pay the fee in the Bank indicated in the prescribed Challan, copy of which is to be submitted along with the following documents (in original) for registration with the University at the Reception Counter of the University.

a. Medical Fitness Certificate (Form II) b. Registration Form (Form III) c. Application Form for Enrolment (Form IV) d. Application for Identity Card (Form V) e. Personal Data Form (Form VI)

2. The admission is liable for cancellation and fee paid by the candidate for forfeiture, should the candidate be found guilty of suppression or misrepresentation of material facts at any stage. The University can further debar him from seeking admission in the University and its affiliated Colleges / Institutions.

3. Should a candidate fail to take admission as required under para (1) above and does not join his/her class on or before the specified date, his/her seat will be declared vacant and will be filled up from the candidates on the waiting list.

Appeals in Cases of cancelation of admission due to submission of forged documents

Candidates, whose admission are cancelled from the University on account of submission of forged documents, at the time of their admission in this University, may file appeals against such orders with the Vice Chancellor of the University, within 15 days from the date of Notification along with a fee of Rs. 500/- (refundable in case the appeal is upheld).

Obtaining Photo Copies of Documents

According to the Rules of the University the following documents of the candidate admitted in the University shall be retained by the University, as long as the student remains on the Rolls of the University. Before returning the documents its copies attested by the Registrar shall be retained for University Records.

a. HSC. (Pre-Engg/Pre-Med) Examination Marks Sheet and / or Marks Sheet of qualifying Examination in original. b. Migration Certificate in original if applicable. c. Photostats of all other documents required by the University.

The Photostat of the required documents can be provided to the candidate on submission of application on the prescribed form on payment of Rs. 50/- each of a document on the notice of 7 days subject to availability of the documents.

Commencement of Academic Session

The academic session 2017 will commence as per Academic Calendar shown in Prospectus.