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Introduction to Business Studies Program

The MBA Program at Sir Syed University Karachi will target both kinds of students; with 16 year relevant business management education (36 credit hour program with 1.5 year duration) as well as with 16 years non-relevant education (60 credit hour program with 2.0 year duration) especially the students with engineering background. The curricula designed for these programs are capable enough to provide the students with a comprehensive business management education of globally recognized best practices with flexibility of their adaptation to indigenous entrepreneurial and societal context.
The 60 credit hour MBA program curriculums takes care of the need of basic principles of business and management among the entrants with non-relevant education background and ascends from general management education to specialization in diverse business fields. Basic principles of general management skills like organizational structures, decision making, leadership, teamwork, and oral / written communication etc. will be developed among the students at the initial level of the program providing them with a firm base for more advanced studies at the elective level at the following stage. However, the 36 credit hour MBA programs wherein the entrants already have at least four years business management relevant education starts with advanced level management theories and practices like strategic management, strategic marketing and financial management etc.
The core courses of both the programs are designed to integrate and blend theories from various disciplines, including management, economics, finance, accounting, marketing, research methods, and business strategy, and are capable to prepare the students to think critically about business issues. Thus, they tend to develop unique leadership qualities among the graduates needed for successfully managing business functions. They also tend to develop the graduates into broadly groomed business managers who understand the business holistically, with the tools and techniques applicable to a wide variety of business situations. In the result, graduates of these programs will be able to integrate human and other organizational resources with continually developing technology. They will also be able to identify key ethical, global, and social issues surrounding business related choices and make decisions that balance corporate values and socially responsible action.


  • To prepare future corporate executive with managerial skills for the industries.
  • To provide leadership skills for the challenges of the industry in 21st century.
  • To seek opportunity in providing Business Education to Engineers who are keenly interested in seeking business background for career making with engineering education.