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Jawaid Anwar - Chancellor

Jawaid Anwar, Chancellor - SSUET

Read in the Name of Thy Lord | The Holy Quran 96:1
Read in the Name of Thy Lord | The Holy Quran 96:1

The Holy Quran first revealed the word “IQRA” meaning “Read”. Therefore the sacred duty of a Muslim is to acquire knowledge through reading and learning. Acquire knowledge to implicate it practically to serve the humanity. The teaching of the Holy Quran led the Muslim to dominate the world for over twelve centuries through acquiring knowledge.

In the subcontinent the visionary thought of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan led the down trodden Muslim community with the fall of the Great Mughals to emerge with realizing the value-system of the Holy Quran mixed with modern learning values. Such teaching of an emerging visionary value-system brought a new life among the declining Muslim community as a remarkable value- orientation to maintain their strength of Islamic belief and along with if led a new life with learning of English language, Science and technology with keeping away themselves from politics. Such notions of Sir Syed got a practical shape with his founding of MAO College at Aligarh which ultimately became a famous academic and social institution in the name of Aligarh Muslim University. The pupils of AMU emerged as model of Muslim community with established knowledge of literature, science and technology in the strong sense of discipline under the banner of Islamic culture and value-system.

With the inception of Pakistan those youth of Aligarh while moving to the new country as a new independent citizen of Muslim nation gave rebirth to Sir Syed’s vision by establishing SSUET for the youth of their new country. They fully realized the gaps among the emerging youths between learning process and maintaining their value- system. They needed the continuation of value- expectation to serve their community in particular and the world humanity in general with the founded teaching of Sir Syed Ahmad. Based on Aligarh Muslim University’s concept of coexistence and tolerance, the SSUET became a nursery. It stands today not only a degree issuing authority but also a complete institution in developing individuals with strong personality and character to build a valued humanity.

I welcome you to SSUET a 21st century dream of Sir Syed which stands today as a strong pillar of teaching and learning process offering a concrete curriculum with highly educated academician and faculty. The SSUET open heartedly welcome to deliver discipline, value- system, and knowledge filled with modern science and technology to the emerging youths converting them into a complete human with its value-orientation and value- expectation. It turns its alumni into preparing a successful expertise to serve the national and global humanity. It strongly emphasizes on research and practical training with a full fledged office of guidance and counseling. It looks into the physical strength of its youth by providing a Directorate of Sport. It maintains a Quality Enhancement Cell to work for quality development of the university on the one hand and faculty development through continued training process on the other. It has a full fledged office of ORIC to elaborate and expand the research activities with the collaboration of industries leading to academic as well as economic development of the country. Its continued efforts in developing coordination, cooperation, collaboration and linkage programs with national and international institutions are at full swing which ultimately lead the SSUET to the peak of being one of the best academic institution filled with amazing visionary thought of Sir Syed Ahmad covering disciplinary manners and value-system.

As a member of SSUET, its alumnus will develop entrepreneurial qualities equipped with modern technical and scientific knowledge. Being a graduate of this novel institution our student will be bestowed with all the ingredients to face the challenges of contemporary world and become a successful partner in the development of global humanity.

Jawaid Anwar