Heading hidden

A group of the old boys of the Aligarh Muslim University, blessed with the Aligarh Sprit, was eager to play vital role for the uplift of Pakistan, as the students of Aligarh Muslim University had been the pioneer in Pakistan movement. The group was religiously serious to strive to make the newborn country strong and viable.

They organized themselves under the banner of an association known as “Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys' Association of Pakistan (AMUOBA)”. True to the essence of the Aligarh Sprit, the Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys' Association of Pakistan made distinctive efforts in the field of education in the country. A notable fruition of these efforts is the Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology, which does not merely carry Sir Syed's name but also, endeavors to serve the cause of education and character building in the true Aligarh spirit.

A lot of homework was done before launching the plan for establishing SSUET. AMUOBA had engineers, technocrats, professors, doctors and bankers as its members. Using their best abilities, they developed a plan for establishing a university, which could produce engineers, technocrats, men of letter and experts capable to address problems of the country through  technology and advanced knowledge of other fields.

The building for the proposed university had already been constructed. It initially had two blocks, this number now has become eight and further construction is in progress.

Before the selection of subjects and curricula for SSUET, studies were made to identify the fields that would uplift the economy of the country, if qualified engineers and technicians were provided to those fields. It was decided in the light of the studies that most appropriate subjects were Computer Engineering and Electronic Engineering, which were introduced in the beginning. Later on Biomedical, Civil and Telecommunication engineering disciplines were added. The disciplines of Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Electrical, Architecture & Software Engineering are recent additions.